Final Cut Pro X 10.1, @philiphodgetts, @alex4D, #FCPX

I know, nothing new as of late this afternoon, its been out now for almost a whole day and I’m sure the Twitter-verse is in full force in its comments. I’ve been absent from Twitter today due to actual work so I haven’t been following the inevitable love/hate conversations that usually follow these things.  The two articles I have read though are worth your time if you have an actual dog in this particular fight, or just the casual reader interesting in post production.  Philip Hodgetts always has a good thorough rundown, and Alex Gollner as well gives it a good breakdown.

While I haven’t had a chance to poke around in the new shiny update myself, I am looking forward to this…

Image capture from Philip Hodgetts post, for the record.

Image capture from Philip Hodgetts post, for the record.

I’ve long been waiting for a slightly quicker way to switch between Optimized and Proxy media, especially by way of a keyboard shortcut.  While I didn’t get the keyboard shortcut, at least its not in the Preferences anymore.  This is one of Final Cut Pro X’s strong points, its sort of Offline/Online workflow and the relative ease in switching between them.  Along with a bunch of other interface/editing tweaks, the bigger thing I’m looking forward to digging deep into is the Libraries and new media management tools.  Now to get the update… waiting on the IT department for that… :-/

Back to work.

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