PIT Training and Drone Flying at NWTC!

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.24.22 AM

Helped out at a staff event recently where the NWTC Public Safety folks gave some people a wild ride in the Precision Immobilization Technique at our Universal Driving Facility. I was showing some fellow faculty members the finer points of drone operation, and we were able to get some pretty dynamic footage of the PIT training in action. I cut together a short video for all to enjoy!

Not too often I get the opportunity to film an actual car chase, then edit it into a sequence. Final Cut Pro X worked well for cutting and grading some of the footage shot in log profile.

Check this link out for 50 Free #FCPX plugins. No, this is NOT spam.


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Not a bad link to bookmark if you’re a Final Cut Pro X user, there’s sure to be at least one or two useful tools in the list. I know I’ve used a few of them. Alex Gollner is heavily involved in a lot of these, and those are as usual pretty amazing. So here it is, go, grab, enjoy.



Final Cut Pro X 10.1, @philiphodgetts, @alex4D, #FCPX

I know, nothing new as of late this afternoon, its been out now for almost a whole day and I’m sure the Twitter-verse is in full force in its comments. I’ve been absent from Twitter today due to actual work so I haven’t been following the inevitable love/hate conversations that usually follow these things.  The two articles I have read though are worth your time if you have an actual dog in this particular fight, or just the casual reader interesting in post production.  Philip Hodgetts always has a good thorough rundown, and Alex Gollner as well gives it a good breakdown.

While I haven’t had a chance to poke around in the new shiny update myself, I am looking forward to this…

Image capture from Philip Hodgetts post, for the record.

Image capture from Philip Hodgetts post, for the record.

I’ve long been waiting for a slightly quicker way to switch between Optimized and Proxy media, especially by way of a keyboard shortcut.  While I didn’t get the keyboard shortcut, at least its not in the Preferences anymore.  This is one of Final Cut Pro X’s strong points, its sort of Offline/Online workflow and the relative ease in switching between them.  Along with a bunch of other interface/editing tweaks, the bigger thing I’m looking forward to digging deep into is the Libraries and new media management tools.  Now to get the update… waiting on the IT department for that… :-/

Back to work.

‘Don’t Fade Away’ Music Video Officially Released!

Very proud of this work, Wayne did an excellent job, and we’ve officially got a music video out there for all the world to see!  His new album, “The Parade”, is forthcoming, but here’s the video we produced for the above mentioned song:

For the technically inclined out there, I shot with a Canon T3i, using some older Pentax and Nikon lenses.  We shot in the studio at NWTC in Green Bay, the Park’s apartment in Oshkosh, and under the College Ave. bridge in Appleton, WI.  Post production took place entirely in Final Cut Pro X on a Macbook Pro with a second monitor.  Its been a ton of fun producing this with Wayne, and now its out there.  Enjoy!

Smart, Smart, Smart. Collections.

Great post from the always interesting MacBreak Studio guys Mark and Steve.  Smart Collections I admit are not my first, second or even distant third favorite thing about Final Cut Pro X, largely because the tool differs so drastically from the more traditional Bin paradigm that has functioned just fine for the entire existence of the non-linear editor.  Why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?  This video/demo explains in one of the clearest fashions how Smart Collections work, how to create a template set of standard use Smart Collections, and a few others tips and tricks about this newer way of approaching the ever important aspect of project organization in a non-linear editor.  Enjoy 🙂