End of the Year, 2020

Seems like everyone is pretty down on 2020. And it’s been interesting to say the least. I have no notions that 2021 will be magically different and better. Why should any of us think that? We roll with the circumstances we have, and do our best with the best attitude we can. Many things have been said along those lines, but yes, it is true. The only thing you can change is your attitude and approach to circumstances. One can endeavor to adjust circumstances as well, but really, attitude and approach is what we have at our control. Keep your chin up, and do good work this next year!

Greetings from the blog. It’s been a while.


Never very good at publishing anything consistently to this space on my site, but here it is. Another update.
It’s been a busy fall season so far. Video projects have continued, some wrapped up, some getting prolonged, all a new and fun set of challenges. I continue to feel fortunate and blessed that I have a career that offers variety and the ability to work doing what I love, whether producing media or teaching that skill to others.