I’ve been fortunate to have worked in some pretty fascinating industries, which have taken me all over the world shooting and editing in some unique places.  From my 15 years in the video production industry, the types of products I’ve produced range from: technical education, corporate marketing, commercial and broadcast, high speed imaging and sports, among others.

My career has also taken me down the avenue of training and education in the field of video production.  I am an instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, WI, where I am an Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, with experience teaching a full range of video production courses, from live broadcast, narrative and documentary/corporate media using a wide variety of industry standard hardware and software.

As a producer with Shoot Edit Deliver, my business is about the full scope of production, from the planning stages to the end product that will impact your audience.

The moving image, in the roughly one hundred years of its existence, has had the unique ability to tell stories like no other medium.  Who hasn’t been, at least once in there lives, deeply moved by a well produced film, television program, or even commercial or corporate media piece?  I know I have.  Its largely why I do what I do.  I love the ability to affect and influence through this medium.  From a well composed image, to a well edited sequence of images, to the music and sound that ties it all together, the potential for audience impact is phenomenal.

Digital media, especially the way video is delivered, has changed drastically even since I started doing this type of work.  Lets face it, the internet is a video friendly place.  Do your customers have something to connect them with who you are? Does your website contain video content to tell your story or to demo your product?  What about on your screens at your trade show booth?  Delivery methods are numerous, each with its own merits.  But the bottom line?  How can you best leverage the potential that video holds to increase your bottom line?

Lets discuss getting your content out there, in the most compelling way possible.




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