The Harrowing Drive to Work in a Blizzard.

For those not from the northern portions of the U.S., here’s what a 50 minute commute looks like condensed via timelapse down to one minute, driving in a blizzard that made the roads pretty slick.

Shot with a GoPro mounted on the dashboard, processed and color corrected in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC.

Music: “Sonata No. 06 in F Major, Op. 10 No. 2 – III. Presto” by Daniel Veesey (

Hosting Service Change, Updates to the Site

I recently had to switch from Bluehost to some other form of hosting service due to the site getting hacked and having some malicious code causing the site to be blocked, etc. Not cool all around. Made the switch to for hosting, and other than a few things I simply don’t understand about how the web works (I’m not code guru by any stretch), the process has been pretty awesome. Pretty amazing help from the support people at WordPress, they were ridiculously fast and friendly at getting on the chat and answering questions. Very impressed!

Greetings from the blog. It’s been a while.


Never very good at publishing anything consistently to this space on my site, but here it is. Another update.
It’s been a busy fall season so far. Video projects have continued, some wrapped up, some getting prolonged, all a new and fun set of challenges. I continue to feel fortunate and blessed that I have a career that offers variety and the ability to work doing what I love, whether producing media or teaching that skill to others.