Sony Catalyst Production Suite… yes, Sony still has an NLE.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 9.06.01 AM

Surprisingly enough, Sony still has an NLE. After selling off Vegas, apparently they weren’t ready to leave the NLE space. It seems odd to me, and I’ve never used it, but from the articles, reviews and just poking around the site, it looks like the interface is a mashup of… you guessed it, Premiere, FCPX and now I’d even add in Resolve.

Review from of the latest update to Catalyst.

I’m just wondering, how many people in the post production industry actually use this? Is it functional? From the tiny bit that I ever used Vegas, it wasn’t a bad tool, just different than the primary tools on the market. I’m usually the first to download the trial of an NLE and kick the tires, or as I tell people, try and break it, find out the weak points, make it crash, etc. But I’m less inclined to even give this a go because, well, it’s Sony software. I own Sony cameras, don’t get me wrong, they make some of the best imaging hardware out there, period. But software has never been their strong suit, so I might have to let this curiosity pass, at least for now.

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