The Annual “Drive To Work in a Snow Storm” Time Lapse!

Well, here it is once again, the dead of winter in Northeast Wisconsin. What better thing to do when crawling along in the morning commute to work in a blizzard but set up the GoPro on the dashboard set to time lapse mode, and off you go. The trip normally takes between 45-50 minutes, in weather like this, more like an hour and fifteen. Oh well. There’s a lot of good tutorials out there for how to shoot time lapse with a GoPro. I had mine set to one frame every two seconds. Two or five usually works just fine. As usual for my workflow, time lapse images were processed in Adobe After Effects, color and sound done in Adobe Premiere Pro, both CC 2017 (for those nerds out there that actually care about that stuff). Hope you enjoy! Unless this kind of stuff gives you nervous twitches, then, well… what can I say?

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