Inbox for gmail

There’s been a ton of stuff written over the last week already about this new tool from Google, so this certainly won’t be a full and redundant review of the tool, more just a brief op/ed about it. 

I’ve been a fan of the Dropbox-owned Mailbox app while using iOS, and now use it on Android, it also has a pretty handy, albeit Beta, app for OS X. One of the best aspects of this tool for productivity and managing and email inbox is the scheduling feature. This has become a must have aspect of any email service, being able to say, “I can’t deal with this one right now, but I know darn-well I’m going to completely forget about it as soon as it drops down past what I can see in the list.” So in Mailbox I can schedule the email to show up again at a pre-determined time or a time of my choosing. Ridiculously handy and a great boone to productivity and inbox management. 

So thankfully Google decided this was a worthwhile thing to duplicate, and it’s in there along with a whole lot of other smart automation as Google does what Google does best, scan your email for various purposes. Google Now is somewhat integrated, as is Reminders, all making this more than just an email inbox, but combining email and general productivity into a onestop shop, so to speak. 

Obviously if you’re a Gmail user, regardless of Android or Chrome or other Google services, you’ve bought into the fact that Google scans that information and uses it for ad sales, but in the case of Google Now, and now Inbox, its all about productivity and presenting useful information that the service is assuming you need at the right time. One can only assume the the service/app will progress and get more useful, and of course I am kind of a nerd about that just loves to geek out with the new tools and toys in these areas, on the device and on the computer. So, there you go. Inbox. Give it a shot if so inclined. I give it a thumbs up.

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