When can I be just like Tom Cruise?

Don’t worry.  That’s not really my greatest ambition in life.  Well… no, really, its not.  But Minority Report does have that super awesome touch screen interface. And if you’re an editor, I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, “Wow.  I want that for editing…” I know I have.  So there’s this app coming out that I’ve seen talked about on Twitter and elsewhere.  Its called TouchEdit.  Its a touch based video editor for the iPad. Now, I do not own an iPad.  I have no intention of owning one, and would not consider buying one just for the purpose of having a cool editing app on it.  Ok, deep down, I wouldn’t mind having an iPad, but you get the point.

I’ve wondered for a long time when this interface would come to the world of NLE’s, and it looks like it has in a somewhat big way.  Somewhat, because yes, it is still on the iPad, a smallish device with a rather smallish screen.  Big in that it has a rather exhaustive and well thought out feature list.  This is due to the fact, I’m sure, that the brains behind the app and its toolset is Dan Lebental, an ACE editor with some pretty big films on his career list.  Scott Simmons has a very good first look article at PVC, scroll down in the article to see the feature set.  The main point that makes this app worth paying attention to is the XML data export, allowing it to send your edit to another app. Looks like FCPX primarily at this point, but Avid is coming, and I’d assume Premiere Pro as well. I’m sure there are uses for a tool like this as a standalone edit system, but given storage and size limitations on an iPad, it seems to me it would be a great offline edit tool.  And for what its worth, and not having actually seen it in person, my two cents on the interface is that it looks a bit weird.  I’d prefer a slightly cleaner design.  But thats just me.

Now, of course the even bigger question surrounding this app: would Tom Cruise use it in his swanky detective work?

I doubt it.  So I’ll sign off with that, as I go poking around to find out how I can scrape some cash together to get me an iPad and $50 for this app… 🙂

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