November 2012, posted

Continuing the once a month montage project, this month I set up the limitation/constraint that I would only shoot with one lens, this guy…

I have a collection of old Nikon and Pentax lenses that I’m adapting to fit onto a T3i.  Its a lot of fun for a guy who’s been a “traditional video camera” user and proponent.  I’m enjoying the thought process that goes into composing and exposing each image, and as these images are moving and I don’t have auto focus and auto iris to rely on, even more thought goes into the process.  This is of course old news to anyone familiar with shooting in this format, I’m not breaking any new ground here by any stretch.  Its just a stretch for me, and I’m enjoying it 🙂  Check out October’s montage HERE, stay tuned for another short montage next month, and check out the latest below…

A one minute collection of shots made using a Canon T3i, and only a Nikkor 1:2.8 24mm Lenses adapted with a Fotodiox PK-EOS Adapter. For some reason, that was the one constraint I held this months montage to, just to see what I could get from it. Music from the Vimeo Music store, artist: Kevin Macleod, Track: Dirt Rhodes.

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