That ‘other’ NLE no ones heard of

I’m referring to Lightworks, which has had an interesting story over the years.  I like what they’ve done making a limited free version, and THIS update makes it even more useful for those looking to spend not a lot of cash for a very functional tool.








Personally, I’ve used it on a very limited basis, ie, I’ve downloaded it, opened it, said, “wow, this is different” and promptly got too busy with life to go back to it.  Even though I’d very much like to, and perhaps when they release the much anticipated Mac version, I’ll load it on my laptop and have some fun.  In the meantime, Lightworks remains one of the industry bits that remains fodder for my twitter feed and curiosity.  Any one use it?  Thoughts?


By way of information, here’s where one can find Lightworks, should you be curious:

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